Digital Modeling: Mudbox/Maya Project Videos

Have some clips.

Digital Modeling: Mudbox/Maya Projects

Here's the material I've been working on these last few weeks in 3D Modeling. I wanted to work with a haracter of sorts, and an environment. I've run into some difficulties, so a lot of this work had to be quickly reworked.

Digital Interactive: Assignment 5 - Scripting

For this project I decided to make a japanese-style digital novel, similar to games like Prof. Layton or Ace Attourney. I figured it would be simple to animate and program.

Also, here's a rail-shooter type thing I made for high school. It's actionscript 2.0, so I'm not submitting it as part of the project. That would be cheating.

Digital Interactive: Assignments 3 & 4 - Symbols and Buttons (FINAL)

At long last, here's my finished symbols and buttons. I spent a bit too much time on the "character" sprites, not realizing I should have done 10-15 smaller, simpler ones. Oh well, Live n' Learn I guess.


Digital Modeling: Assignment 3 - Lighting

Digital Interactive: Assignments 3 & 4 - Symbols and Buttons (WIP)

This is a series of animated symbols and buttons done in flash. I wanted to do some character animations, but I got too caught up in them to do the smaller symbols, so I'll update this once I work things out.

Digital Modeling: Assignment 2 - Blockville

Here are recreations of scenes I've chosen from my pictures below.